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  • Laura Kemp, P. App., CRA

Free Education Seminar for Legal Professionals

Laura Kemp, Owner and Appraiser for Kemp Appraisal Ltd. has been presenting to lawyers and legal professionals in Winnipeg and surrounding areas to increase their knowledge respecting residential appraisal reports.

Topics in the presentation include:

  • When is a residential appraisal needed?

  • What information should you provide to get an appraisal quote.?

  • The difference between current or retrospective market value?

  • Residential real estate market overview and trends.

  • How to choose the right appraiser for a particular assignment?

  • Key appraisal approaches to determining market value.

  • Comparable sales and adjustments.

  • Highest and Best Use, what this means in an appraisal?

  • What is important to watch for when reading an appraisal.

  • How to deal with difficult scenarios.

  • Example data from unique assignments.


Feedback to to date from the legal professionals receiving this educational seminar has been very positive.

Let me know if you are interested in discussing this free educational seminar for your office or if you wish to book your education seminar today.

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