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Morden & Kemp Ltd. is a three generation family owned and operated Company. Brian Kemp, CRA is the owner and has been appraising homes for 45 years. As of December 2017 Brian has retired from the appraisal field. Brian was joined in the appraisal services by his daughter-in-law, Laura Kemp in 2008. Laura Kemp now operates under Kemp Appraisal Ltd. 


​Morden & Kemp Ltd. was originally involved in real estate development and real estate sales in the 1950’s when Barry Morden worked with his son-in-law Brian Kemp. Morden and Kemp continues to provide real estate sales services. Kemp Appraisal provides 100% appraisal services and is a major supplier of appraisals for Federal Government Departments, corporate relocations, property foreclosures, mortgage brokerages, a number of law firms, private estates, divorces and residential investment properties.

Kemp Appraisal Ltd. specialize in residential properties and provides services in Winnipeg and surrounding rural areas. We believe in timely professional service with reports delivered on average within 2 business days from time of inspection.

Kemp Appraisal Ltd. provides comprehensive reports. All reports contain interior and exterior photos, a map of the subject and comparables, a floorplan of the subject, and detailed written description of the site, neighbourhood and home.​


Laura Kemp
Owner and Residential Appraiser

Laura joined the family business in 2008 after 10 years in a Senior Management position in the field of Marketing. Laura is the sole owner of Kemp Appraisal Ltd.  Laura has been a member of the Appraisal Institute of Canada since 2006. Laura is a designated Canadian Residential Appraiser (CRA) with the Appraisal Institute of Canada (AIC). 

Melissa Reimer
Administrative Assistant

Melissa Reimer joined Kemp Appraisal Ltd. in October 2015. She moved to Winnipeg from Calgary several years ago, where she had worked as an Office Administrator in the busy Oil & Gas Exploration industry. Along with this experience, she also has a strong background in computer technology, multi-media, and customer service.

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